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Petit-Saint-Bernard pass

A unique spot, steeped in history



Pure freedom !


Between France and Italie


Ride up the mountain

pulled by the wind...


Ecole Française de Kite

SB Kite is part of the national EFK network


Saint Bernard..

... has always a bit of wind to offer !


A dedicated spot

perfect for beginners or advanced kiters


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In order to book your snowkiting course, please fill in the form below. We will get back to you asap with our availabilities and more details regarding the courses.

Type of course :

Choose your course based on its duration and not your kiting skills as we adapt the course to you level. If you already kite on water, you can choose the 3h course and will progress faster than a beginner. On the other hand, if you are a true beginner, but wish to book a 6,9 or 12h course to have time to progress as much as possible, it's of course possible (and advised)

We strongly advise anyone who has never tried snowkiting to use skis for the first time, even if you are a kitesurfer or a good snowboarder. Using a snowboard can be quite disturbing as well as really tiring compared to skis, which give a better balance and direction control.

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Based on availability and planning, we will get back to you asap to confirm a possible date for your course.

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Please find all prices and informations, as well as insurance and cancellation policies on the Courses and prices page